O'MINE utilizes micron-copper antibacterial technology to kill germs through physical properties. The anti-micro bacterial particles used in the products are positive and while general bacterias in the outside world are those of negative potential. Therefore, when the spray is exposed to the bacteria, it produces effects to damage the cell membrane and the cell wall which kills the micro-organism without providing harm to humans. O'MINE differentiates with other competitors without utilizing alcohol, preservatives and other chemicals that may enable allergies and health complications. The technology used not only extends the power of eliminating bacteria but is also harmless to the human body. This may be evident through the SGS certification test to prove the antibacterial ability of 99.99% and possibly more. Today, the world has been emphasizing on the usage of medicinal products, building materials, cosmetics, textiles and other related fields and goods. Commencing in the Roman period, copper compounds have been a widely used method to kill bacteria, preventing fungi and for the preservation of wood materials. 

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