What is the difference between the products of O'MINE and various bleach products on the market?

One major difference is that a vast amount of bleach products sold in the market contain 5% sodium hypochlorite. Although it provides efficient anti-bacterial effects towards germs, viruses and mycobacterium tuberculosis, however, the diluted concentration of the product continues to be higher than the residual chlorine which could effectively eliminate all bacteria but at the same time damage the mucous membranes of each individual when inhaled throughout the day. On the other hand, O'MINE products do not include any bleach properties that may have a pungent odour, leading to no damage of the mucous membranes and have no need for concentrate dilution. O'MINE substances are not sensitive to the epidermis, does not stay in the body nor cause pollution to the environment, and is overall a convenient, safe, and eco-friendly product.

What is the difference between the products of O'MINE and traditional alcohol dilution?

General traditional alcohol is highly volatile as the substance is diluted for sterilization at a concentration of 70 to 80 degrees (ineffective if less than this concentration). Such substance achieves anti-bacterial properties by dehydrating the microbial, yet, such disinfection effect has no obvious influence towards viruses such as the enterovirus. O'MINE, on the other hand, does not need to be diluted, is not sensitive to the epidermis, does not stay in the body nor cause pollution to the environment, and is overall a convenient, safe, and eco-friendly product.

What is the bactericidal principle of O'MINE?

When the ions in the products of O'MINE are in contact with microorganisms such as bacteria, the negative charge on the cell membrane associates with the positive ions due to the copper substances that generates a tensile force. Hence, this force then causes the ions to become unbalanced resulting in the bacterial cell membrane to be broken apart, producing holes that could affect breeding. Therefore, the bacteria lack the properties to aid growth of the virus and successfully produce bactericidal effects.

Does light and temperature changes affect O'MINE's bactericidal effects?

O'MINE products have the safest and most stable ingredients. Therefore, the bactericidal effect is not subject to changes under ambient light and temperature.

What bacteria can O'MINE effectively terminate?

Experiments have shown that O'MINE can efficiently and effectively eliminate the life of various microbial bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Aspergillus niger, penicillium and so on. Once sprayed around surfaces and spaces that will come in contact with the human body, the substance forms an anti-bacterial film and can maintain more than 28 days of antibacterial effect.

Can O'MINEE cure sickness? What is the effectiveness towards enterovirus?

The product may not cure sickness due to O'MINE’s antibacterial mechanism is targeted towards bacteria and not the virus. However, if the environment and hands are disinfected and clean, it may reduce the chance of bacterial infection which would ultimately reduce the chance of catching a cold and the invasion of enterovirus.  

Will O'MINE cause allergies? Are there any precautions on the usage of the product?

The product from O'MINE will not cause allergies. However, patients with Wilson's disease (hereditary disease with excessive accumulation of copper), and patients with mesocene syndrome (genetic disorders of copper deficiency caused by abnormal copper metabolism) please avoid this product.

Where can O'MINE be applied? Where is it not suitable to be used?

O'MINE is a natural non-toxic product that can be applied to any environment, space and other needs of antibacterial, deodorant, dew mite items surface and in the air. It can be used with the atomizer as a spray for the usage of terminating bacteria, odor, mites and other applications. However, please avoid close contact to aquatic animals.

Can O'MINE be used for sterilization, deodorization, or cross-contamination of the toilet seat in the washroom?

Whether it is toilet seat at home or public toilets, they are very easily contaminated with bacteria. O'MINE can instantly kill live bacteria, reduce cross-infection, but also eliminate the smell.

Do you have to wash toys that are sprayed with O'MINE?

Once the toys are washed under tap water, there will be residual bacteria on the toys. Yet, O'MINE achieve the sterilization effect and there will be no need to wash the toy under water again.

Can O'MINE be sprayed on masks? How do you spray on the masks?

O'MINE can be sprayed on masks and can also be sprayed in shoes or helmets as the products contain odour resisting properties. Please spray the product evenly within the interior and exterior of the item. If fear of dampness, one is recommended to wait 10 seconds after spraying until it is dried.

After spraying an item with O'MINE, is there a need to pat dry?

O'MINE products do not include any alcoholic substances that cause it to be volatile, therefore, after spraying the product, allowing it to air dry is sufficient.

Will different environmental spaces cause O'MINE's deodorant effect to differ?

Once you spray O'MINE around the space, one can feel the effect of deodorization immediately. The product relies on the smell of the molecules and copper ions to come in contact in order for the odour to be eliminated due to the breakage of molecule. Hence, the effect will be more obvious within enclosed spaces such as rooms, office, cars and many more. In comparison, restaurants, hotels, public spaces where individuals come and go, there may be a new smell that arises which will need continuous sprays to maintain results.

Can O'MINE be used as a hand sanitizer? Is it only used on objects?

Although the product does not cause any sensitivity to the skin, however, it is recommended that the spray be mainly used on surfaces.

Can O'MINE be brought onboard during flights?

In consideration with the safety of passengers and their possessions, please be cautious of prohibited and controlled items. Many countries and regions limit the amount of liquid, compressed gas and gel-like objects that can be hand-carried through carry-on baggage. Please be in accordance with the provisions of the various airlines to avoid causing trouble.

What should I do if I had accidently consumed O'MINE?

O'MINE can only be used externally and may not be consumed. If one had accidently consumed the product, drink plenty of water and observe whether the body has any further discomfort. Refer to professional medical treatment if discomfort is identified as soon as possible. According to the experiment results in the laboratory of Biochemical and Biology Engineering in the National Taipei University of Technology, O'MINE has been tested for at least 24 hours of antimicrobial activity after spraying to the surface of the object. Bacteria and the presence of a virus may live up to 48 hours on objects’ surface; hence, it is recommended that before you come into contact with public surfaces such as doors, elevators, public transportation ... and so on, please spray O'MINE first.

How long can O'MINE last before it expires? How long can it be used after opening?

Due to O'MINE's exclusive patented technology, through three years of environmental degradation testing it is confirmed that the product has no failure and shelf life concerns.

How many times can you spray with a 150 ml bottle of O'MINE? How to refill?

The number of sprays depends on the amount the consumers have used. If you are running out of the product, you can purchase an O'MINE supplement bottle for any O'MINE product series or use any commercially available container. However, please be cautious when you refill the substance for the anti mite series as it contains plant essential oils that may not be used within the "PET" bottle (marked at the bottom of the bottle).



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