The ingredients used are fairly simple as there are not any chemical substances found within the production period. Hence, the products show no harm to humans or our environment. Pure, a word that can also mean “complete” or “absolute” when describing happiness, kind-hearted, or health. Consequently, being Pure is also what O'MINE is pursuing.


Throughout five years of research and development by a professional research team, our unique patented micro-technology aids in prolonging the ability to kill bacteria. The power of the anti-bacterial product will not diminish due to temperature or sunlight changes which maintains the antibacterial effect up to five years and above.


All of O’MINE products have been put under multiple safety inspections for the ease of consumers’ use. Inspections such as SGS, TTRI, Intertek includes standardized screenings of Anti-Bacterial activities and efficiency performance, Dust-mite prevention examinations, white rabbit skin irritation tests, heavy metal and preservative content evaluations, and many more.

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